Hardened 155Mbps SFP Transceiver, BiDi, 10km, LC, 1310T/1550R

Hardened 155Mbps SFP Transceiver, BiDi, 10km, LC, 1310T/1550R

Part No:E-S4213D-H
SKU: E-S4213D-H
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Data Rate: 155 Mbps
Wavelength: 1310T/1550R
Distance/Connector: 10Km; LC
Temperature: -40~85c

100BASE  Fast Ethernet
Point to Point FTTH
Features and Benefit:
Compliant with IEEE Std 802.3-2005 100BASE-BX10-D
Digital Diagnostic Monitoring available
Specifications according to SFF-8074i and SFF-8472, revision 9.5
Uncooled 850nm, 1310nm and 1550nm Fabry-Perot (FP) Laser
Up to 155Mb/s bi-directional data links
Up to 150km on 9/125µm SMF
Simplex and Duplex LC connector compliant
Single +3.3V DC power supply
Hot-pluggable SFP footprint
Class 1 laser safety certified
Operating temperature Options
(Commercial) -10oC to +70oC
 (Industrial) -40oC to +85oC  - extended temperature / hardened
RoHS Compliant
Order Information:

PN Data Rate Wavelength Distance/Connector Temperature
w DDM        
FE SFP Transceivers        
E-S4281D 155Mbps 850nmVCSEL 550m; LC 0~70c
E-S4292D 155Mbps 1310nmDFB 2Km; LC 0~70c
E-S4293D 155Mbps 1310nmDFB 10Km; LC 0~70c
E-S4296D 155Mbps 1310nm 40Km; LC 0~70c
E-S4298D 155Mbps 1550nm 80Km; LC 0~70c
E-S4290D 155Mbps 1550nm 120Km; LC 0~70c
E-S429XD 155Mbps 1550nm 150Km; LC 0~70c
BiDi (Single fiber) 1310/1550nm Transceivers        
E-S4213D 155Mbps 1310T/1550R 10Km; LC 0~70c
E-S4223D 155Mbps 1550T/1310R 10Km; LC 0~70c
E-S4215D 155Mbps 1310T/1550R 20Km; LC 0~70c
E-S4225D 155Mbps 1550T/1310R 20Km; LC 0~70c
Hardened (-40~85c) FE SFP Transceivers        
E-S4292D-H 155Mbps 1310nmDFB 2Km; LC -40~85c
E-S4293D-H 155Mbps 1310nmDFB 10Km; LC -40~85c
E-S4296D-H 155Mbps 1310nm 40Km; LC -40~85c
E-S4298D-H 155Mbps 1550nm 80Km; LC -40~85c
E-S4290D-H 155Mbps 1550nm 120Km; LC -40~85c
E-S429XD-H 155Mbps 1550nm 150Km; LC -40~85c
Hardened (-40~85c) BiDi (Single fiber) 1310/1550nm Transceivers        
E-S4213D-H 155Mbps 1310T/1550R 10Km; LC -40~85c
E-S4223D-H 155Mbps 1550T/1310R 10Km; LC -40~85c
E-S4215D-H 155Mbps 1310T/1550R 20Km; LC -40~85c
E-S4225D-H 155Mbps 1550T/1310R 20Km; LC -40~85c

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