Multimode/Duplex provides full flavors/specs of Telecom quality, high performance fiber patch cords, which are compliant with the major quality system verifications, such as CE, RoHS, FCC, and all the major industry standards for fiber patch cables.  The patch cables have been deployed in this market for multiple years with extremely low return rate and super reputation.

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Multimode/Duplex Products

Multimode/Duplex OM1
Multimode/Duplex OM1
Multimode/Duplex OM2
Multimode/Duplex OM2
Multimode/Duplex OM3
Multimode/Duplex OM3
Multimode/Duplex OM4
Multimode/Duplex OM4

Multimode/Duplex Details


ICC’s family of integrated LC to ST hybrid multimode jumpers are made from OFNR riser rated cables, exceeding industry requirements. They are available in standard stock lengths of 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10 meters. These fiber jumpers are 50/125 multimode duplex LC to ST.


  • Made from OFNR riser rated cables, exceeding industry requirements.
  • Dust Cap included.
  • 100% factory tested.



Fiber Counts: 2 Fiber Zipcords

Fiber Type: Multimode 50/125µm

Attenuation: 2.3/0.6 dB/km at 850/1300 nm

Bandwidth: 950 EMB at 850 nm

Cable Data:

Cable diameter: .079 in (2.0mm)

Weight: 12 lbs/kft

Bend radius: 1.2″min

Loading: 135 lbs max