Compatible Hardened Copper 10/100/1000Mbps SFP, 100m, RJ45

Compatible Hardened Copper 10/100/1000Mbps SFP, 100m, RJ45

Part No:E-C45710-H-(x)
SKU: E-C45710-H-(x)
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Compatibility: Cisco, HP, Juniper, Nortel, Brocade, Force10, Ciena, Allied Telesis, Dell, Extreme, D-link, Linksys, Telco, Calix, Adtran, and 3Com

Data Rate: 10/100/1000Mbps
Wavelength: N/A
Distance/Connector: 100m; RJ45
Temperature: -40~85c
Compatible to Cisco PN: GLC-T , SFP-GE-T, GLC-TE, Copper GLC-T, GLC-T= SFP

1.25 Gigabit Ethernet over Cat5/Cat6/Cat6a cables
Switch to Switch interface
Switched backplane applications
Router/Server interface
Other optical transmission systems
Features and Benefit:
Up to 1.25Gbps bi-direction data links
100m transmission over unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) Category 5 Cable
1000 BASE-T operation in host systems with SERDES interface
10/100/1000BASE-T operation in host systems with SGMII interface
Hot-pluggable capability
SFP form with compact RJ-45 connector
Detailed product information in EEPROM
Access to physical layer IC via 2-wire serial bus
With Spring latch for high density application
Very low EMI and excellent ESD protection
Single 3.3V power supply
Low power dissipation
Operating case temperature: Standard: 0 to +85°C; -40 ~ 85 °C (extended temperature, industrial temperature, hardened)
Two year standard warranty
RoHS Compliant
Absolute Maximum Ratings:
Table 1 - Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Symbol Min. Typical Max. Unit Notes
Storage Temperature TS -40   +85 °C  
Supply Voltage VCC -0.5   3.6 V  
Operating Relative Humidity - 5   95 %  
Stress in excess of the maximum absolute ratings can cause permanent damage to the module.
Table 2 - Operating Conditions
Parameter Symbol Min. Typical Max. Unit Notes
Operating Case Temperature TC 0   85 °C  
Power Supply Voltage VCC 3.13 3.3 3.47 V 1
Power Supply Current ICC   325 385 mA  
Maximum Voltage Vmax     4 V 2
Surge Current Isurge 10   30 mA 3
Date Rate       1000 Mbps  
1. 1.2W max power over full range of voltage and temperature. See caution note below
2. Hot plug above steady state current. See caution note below
3.10/100/1000 BASE-T operation requires an SGMII interface with no clocks in the host system, and the module will operate as 1000BASE-T when the host system uses SERDES interface.
Order Information:
PN Data Rate Wavelength Distance/Connector Temperature Compatible to Cisco PN *
Copper 10/100/1000M SFP Transceivers (standard)          
E-S45710 10/100/1000Mbps N/A 100m; RJ45 0~70c  
E-S45710-H 10/100/1000Mbps N/A 100m; RJ45 -40~85c  
Copper 10/100/1000M SFP (compatible)          
E-C45710-(x) 10/100/1000Mbps N/A 100m; RJ45 0~70c GLC-T ,
Copper GLC-T,
Cisco-1000BASE-T SFP
E-C45710-H-(x) 10/100/1000Mbps N/A 100m; RJ45 -40~85c GLC-T ,
Copper GLC-T,
* The Matrix covers only part of Cisco PNs. Please contact us by either email or phone call for any question about compatibility vs. Part Number of the brands, or special spec requirements:
         Ph: 650-226-3165
** There may be a letter in the brackets () for the system brand that the SFP+ module is compatible to - e.g. -(J) means "Juniper-Compatible


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